Obizzle Writes: EL FANTASSICO

                      I had just woken that morning,stepped into my bathroom slippers as I rushed out to do my routine morning chore.A quick glance at my junior bro whom I shared the bed and room with. Very much fast asleep with the assurance that it wasn’t his turn to wash popsy’s car.We took turns washing Dad’s car and today sadly was my turn.I hastened up to grab a towel as I could hear Dad’s normal whistling while he had his bath in the bathroom.

                     Stepping out to our compound,it was foggy and I could barely see. The cold morning breeze blew across my chest as I was shirtless. Clad with just boxer shorts. Goose bumps filled my entire upper body as I stepped into the mist walking towards the parked fleet of cars.A quick calculation and I knew Dad was going out with his Toyota Camry “Pencil”. Time to clean this baby up.Then I remembered that I had forgot to come along with the car keys. Sigh. This was the normal case scenario every time.

“Nene!” “Nene!” “Nene!” I yelled,though trying to restrain my voice so as not to be too loud

“Yes,Obi” a soft voice replied

“Help me fetch Dad’s car key,the one for the Toyota,hurry up”.I replied.


               Nene was our house-help. Mum brought her from the village about a year ago. She blended in with urban life almost immediately to everyone’s amazement. Though a semi-illiterate. Her English was good and she had good etiquette.

As for her looks. I was indifferent at first. She always wore her normal work clothes which was a blue check gown with an apron. But I was left awed when my elder sis gave her a total head to toe make over. I could see her “real face” now.I could hardly recognize her anymore. Obviously her work gown covered a lot. Nene was one helluva beautiful lady. I fantasized about her every so often.She went to get the keys whilst I went to get the rubber hose.

              I connected one end of the hose to a running tap at one side of the compound while I held the other end far away from the tap and close to the car I wanted to wash as I waited for Nene.After a few seconds,I could hear her footsteps and just a moment gone she was just about a foot away from me.

“Here are the keys Obi” she said,stretching her hand to hand over the keys.Still holding the hose on one hand with water gushing uncontrollably. I stretched to collect the key.It was still very early in the morning. The only noise coming from the water spilling out from the hose.With my eyes fixed at her now,admiring God’s wonderful creation. There was an awkward silence as we both froze staring at each other refusing to blink.Her eyes ran through my shirtless upper body as she slowly bit her lower lips seductively.

My daily workout was finally paying off.

              I could see the y-intersect of her cleavage as my tool hardened inside my feeble boxers. Saliva filled my mouth like was drooling on a big pie.Her eyes were gazed down below my belt,still biting her lips and her fingers playing with her gown childishly in enthusiasm. This gaze sent a shock wave down to my crotch and it became visibly stronger than before. She noticed and her gaze became more sharp and her pupils dilated.

            I approached her,she was barely two-third of my height. Pouring the gushing water from the hose all over her body. She was dripping wet.

“Ohh,Obi” she muttered all sexual-like.

From her great show of pleasure I found immense reward.

Her gown hugged her body now and her ni**les wear visible through her soaked gown. I dropped the hose and pushed her wet body against mine,pressing my hard-erect tool on her stomach. Kissing her soft lips at the same time. I could taste Close-up’s Menthol.I ripped off the top of her gown as her two firm kegs sprung out. caressing her soft bossoms.

They were so soft. I sucked them one ni**le at a time so hard like she was lactating. Her breath deepened and she moaned faintly.She had her hand on my john thomas as she stroked it mildly. Sliding her palms over the contours of veins.I laid her with her back gently on the bonnet of the car spreading her legs as I pulled down her panties exposing her well shaved honey pot.

The cold morning breeze blew across our skin and it uplifted my libido.

I went down on my knees,head facing her jar. She smelled good and she looked at me anxiously.Her eyes narrowing, waiting for me to dig in.I ran my lips across her laps to the back of her knees and she fizzled like a boiling kettle.

“Oh lawd”

“Oh Obi,good gracious aah” she moaned

“You want this” I asked rhetorically

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She exclaimed, as she dragged me by my ears to her kingdom.

With my large and long tongue I slurped all the juice from her center. As she whined her waist in ecstasy,barely closing her mouth. I could feel her wetness all over my tongue.

I got up to a standing position. Her juice covering my entire mouth space almost shaped like a mustache I never had.I dragged her and put her in a kneeling position with my dangling hard rod facing her mouth like a microphone.She stared at it admiring my monstrous meat. Then she opened wide about to swallow up every inch of my cargo.

Suddenly,I felt a tap on my shoulder. I gave a dismissive wave as I was so eager for the fellatio awaiting.

Now the tap was heavier more like slaps.


I could recognize this voice

“Obinna! You’re still sleeping! Have you washed my car? Anuofia! “

It was my Dad.

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