Gist: Orezi says He Looks Up to 2Face for Inspiration

Orezi says He Looks Up to 2Face for Inspiration










Esegine Allen, better known by his stage name Orezi, is a musician from Delta State. He rose to prominence with his hit song ‘Rihanna’ in 2013. He is currently signed on to Sprisal Entertainment under which he has released a new album called ‘Ghen Ghen’ featuring a lot of top acts. In this chat with Tosin Clegg, he talks about this album and much more

My album is extraordinary and awesome…

My album is something I have been working on for a couple of years now. This year was when I felt it was time to finally release it. Like I said, it took me about three to four years to do and after I was done, getting a title was also a problem. I remember putting it out on instagram asking my fans for a perfect title for an Orezi album and they all came up with all sorts of title and funny enough, the title I finally picked was suggested by a couple of people. The album title is ‘The Ghen Ghen’ and those who know me and are fans of my music know that it’s a slang that I coined. For me, it means something extraordinary or something awesome and I felt that’s a perfect title for my album that’s highly anticipated and says what I stand for. So, ‘Ghen Ghen’ was okay for what I had. My album is extraordinary and awesome because it’s an album I have put so much energy into. Judging by the kind of songs and genre of music, to me it’s like a master piece.

My album entails everything…

My album entails everything. From commercial music to life-touching music, to inspirational music to club music and dance music everything that involves the lifestyle circle as we all live to party and fall in love. We all go through life experiences and face obstacles. The album touches everything like the one that talks about my hustle and the situation where I call girls and they don’t listen to me or I call a woman and she says ‘this one is nobody.’ It got to a situation where nobody believed in me and also from a normal university boy that wants to be a celebrity. And songs that talk about life like ‘Double Your Hustle’ which talks about hustlers who irrespective of the hustle you are on, you need to double your hustle so as to be somebody. It’s a competitive world as there are a million people doing what you do and how do you stand out if you aren’t doubling your hustle to edge your competitors. There is a song called ‘Sweet Yarinya,’ a love song which is directed at northern ladies. The album talks about a lot of things which is mainly ‘shake your bum bum’ kind of music and dance away your sorrow. That’s why I called it the extraordinary album.

Also collaboration spans from Wizkid, Timaya, Ice Prince, Flavour, MI, Davido, 9ice and that’s about it basically. And it’s 20 tracks because I have been singing for a while and if I could make it 30, I would. I feel like the fans need to hear a lot from me because I recorded a lot on the album; you know when you do this, you would try and choose the ones you feel could be the hit and it was very hard for me to streamline the songs to 20 and if I could put more than that I would have because every song has its own significance. There would be one or two people the song will be speaking to; then I tried to pick the best 20 out of it for the album.

The song with Flavour and MI is a big one…

It’s the first time I’m doing a song with Igbo in it. Although I’m not Igbo, I just had to make it to sweeten the song. I had Flavour on it; I can enter the eastern market with this. I see it as a hit because it has a crowd tailored to be entertained by it. And there is also ‘Baby Abeg’ which is a massive one and there is ‘Ogede’ featuring Wizkid and Timaya. I made every song on my album like a hit song and like a single but didn’t make anyone like an album filler. At least 15 songs will be a hit.

Why it took long for my album to come out…

During the three to four years I went for NYSC, I had to serve Nigeria and besides that, I had to switch labels. I was on a previous record label where I was on the verge of releasing an album and all that didn’t level up again. Then the new label I joined felt they needed to push me more and re-introduce me to the market.

And that meant I needed to have about four to five songs on their stable which is Sprisal Entertainment after which I started with them with Rihanna, then moved on to Shoki, Shuperu and Abeg but besides that there was fear of whether I was ripe to get out there or find the right time.

The Label I was before got us to a level when we felt we needed a big investor as they couldn’t handle the brand anymore with respect to financial issues and we needed someone to help financially which was why I left when it wasn’t possible. I have been with the new label for close to two years which has been rewarding. It’s under the label I released Shoki which has been good to me with respect to my bank account. So, both parties have been happy basically. Also they have been so supportive and that can be seen in the quality of my music videos and productions. And that’s why the songs are everywhere.

I see everybody as competitor…

Everybody is my competitor including those who haven’t entered into the studio. They could drop a song tomorrow and it becomes a hit and you can attest to it also.

Alhaji Orezi came as a result of ‘Shoki’…

When I was making ‘Shoki’ I got to a point I needed to do the chorus and then I came up with Alhaji Orezi and now it’s everywhere. And I’m the only Alhaji from the South South. I have mentors and it depends on how a mentor is defined. For me, a mentor is someone I look up to and I listen to, to get inspiration. There is 2face and I know everyone will say it is him but there is no one else. I listen to Psquare too and these are the two I listen to and around the world there is Usher and Chris Brown.

The story behind Orezi…

It’s simply a young boy that started singing at the University of Lagos and had a dream of becoming a musician, then graduated in 2009 and decided to go into music and I got signed. I studied Urban and Regional Planning. I finished school, then wanted to become a celebrity. I had my first song in late 2009 then had a breakout song called ‘Booty Bounce’ in 2012 which got me wide recognition and a nomination at Channel O awards.

That brought me to limelight which made people know Orezi. In 2013, I released ‘Rihanna’ which went viral and I had to look for a Rihanna look alike which cost a lot of money and that caused a lot of uproar.

Later on, the boy dropped ‘Shoki’ which became a problem in the industry considering the fact they were other artistes with the same song. So, there were a lot of stories about ownership then; after that we dropped ‘Shuperu.’

No one owns Shoki…

Shoki is a street song and like a street dance. None of us that sang it named it ‘Shoki.’ And you can only credit it to me if I said that this is what is called ‘Shoki.’ Davido has ‘Skelewu’ because it’s his dance but ‘Shoki’ was there before we all sang about it.

So, it’s more like we are advocates of ‘Shoki’ and we gave it a larger audience.

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