6 things that kill your relationship faster than cheating!

Can there be anything worse than cheating?! Well, these 6 behaviors are as bad or even worse, and they have the potential to ruin your life. Beware!

6 things that kill your relationship faster than cheating!

Human relationships are fragile, and many things can damage them or even destroy. Some of our words or actions hurt others badly. Part of them becomes labeled as “sins” and we realize they are not good, but others are more subtle and harder to recognize.

 1. Failure to trust

People do not always come up to our expectations. They break our history, and we may fail to give grant it freely in close relationships. Such behavior is extremely damaging. One person hurts your feelings, and you make all of them to deserve your trust and work hard to earn it. Suspicion creates tension in communication and love.

2. Holding on to your past

We all have the history. Most of us have much pain in it. Your parents or your ex may have hurt you, but if you carry the pain into your new relationship, the past events will reoccur.

3. Negative attitudes

Nagging and pessimism can kill even the most passionate love. It does not do it fast, as the cheating does. But it’s like a slow rotting that occurs in a fruit and undermines it from inside out. Negative words or constant fights are lethal for any relationship.

4. Egoism

Love is about giving, not only receiving. Being selfish means you become more and more demanding. It’s a one-way route. It’s like the Dead Sea that takes it all and gives away nothing. Often egoism pushes your partner into the arms of the lover.

5. Not being there for them

You got married and had no excuse for not giving the attention your spouse needs. Being always busy with your job, kids, house, friends will ruin your marriage fast. Being married means being committed and giving your time to them. That’s how most affairs start. A husband or a wife just finds someone willing to listen to them and share.

6. Failure to forgive

We all have sinned and fallen short not only of the glory of God but also of the expectations of our partners. Yes, they have many things to forgive you, so why hold it back? Learn to forgive freely or say goodbye to your love.

As you see, cheating is not the worst of troubles. These six things lead to it and if you wish to have a stable and loving relationship, fight them and find a way to fix yourself.


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